Farmers Market Publishing is a small, Cayucos, California based publishing company. Co-owners, Sam Peck and Stephanie Burchiel combine their talents to produce elegant books that capture the physical beauty of the Central Coast, the colorful culture of San Luis Obispo county farmer’s markets, and the awesome Sierra Nevada Mountains. We invite you to become part of these magical places through our collection of fine books. Read More About Us -->

Farmers Market Publishing Books

Farmer's Market Soups

farmers market publishing, Central Coast Farmers Market Soups Book

This is much more than just another cookbook. It is a “love letter” to the Central Coast. Stephanie shares stories of growing up on the Central Coast and her favorite seasonal vegan soup recipes, seven per season. She also shares her secrets of preparation and cooking techniques. This book is illustrated with lush color photography by local photographer Sam Peck, who captures the beauty and character of Central Coast landscapes, farms, and farmer’s markets.

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Coastal Zen

farmers market publishing, Coastal Zen Book

Sam Peck takes you on a photographic pilgrimage along California’s remote and wild Central Coast. Setting out from Montana de Oro, the narrative and photography take you up the coast through Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria, San Simeon and Ragged Point to Pacific Valley, just south of Big Sur. You won’t find much evidence of “civilization” in this book except for the thoughtful quotes by some Zen-minded characters sprinkled among these pages.

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Mountain Spirits

farmers market publishing, Mountain Spirits Book

In this personal and ironic book, Sam Peck shares his favorite photographic moments while in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and a collection of quotes and musings by some of his favorite authors, thinkers and kindred spirits who’s expressions seem, at least to him, to belong in this book. The photographic trek covers the Western and Eastern Sierras. Captured in dramatic, first and last light is the awesome natural beauty of this iconic California mountain range.

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